August 28, 2020 | 9:00am

Climate Reality Action Fund Launches $170k Radio, Digital Ad Buy Urging Sen. Thom Tillis to Support the Heroes Act and Prioritize North Carolinians Ahead of Polluters

Washington, DC (August 28, 2020) – Today, the Climate Reality Action Fund (CRAF) announced the launch of a new radio and digital advertising campaign calling on Sen. Thom Tillis to support North Carolina’s clean air and water. The ads specifically urge Sen. Tillis to put families above fossil-fuel companies by showing support for the latest coronavirus relief bill, the HEROES Act.

“The science is clear. The health impacts of COVID-19 are made worse by dirty air,” said CEO of the Climate Reality Action Fund, Ken Berlin. “Senator Tillis’ focus should be on protecting North Carolinians public health by supporting a COVID-19 relief bill that puts people over polluters. In the middle of an unprecedented pandemic, North Carolina needs strong leadership to protect clean air and water.”

The $170K campaign will begin running today and conclude on September 3; the radio campaign will run in the Charlotte and Triad regions, while the digital campaign will run statewide. The script of the 60-second radio ad can be found below:

“Sandy beaches, rolling mountains, great communities and bountiful farmland. This is North Carolina - a great place to live. To raise a family.

But, the COVID 19 pandemic—along with increased pollution of our air and water—threaten our health and so much else we love about our state. We need strong leadership to fight the pandemic, protect vulnerable families, and keep our air and water safe.

But, what has Senator Thom Tillis done in the face of COVID? Tillis wanted to bail out state oil and coal companies and he supported stopping safeguards that help prevent pollution of our air and water.

We need Senator Tillis to put clean air and water first for North Carolina families by supporting the COVID relief bill called the HEROES Act and stop trying to use the pandemic as an excuse to bail out North Carolina’s polluters.

Paid for by Climate Reality Action Fund.”