We Will Decide the Election

Young voters can decide who wins in 2020. That’s because Americans under 39 make up 37 percent of eligible voters in 2020, representing the largest and most diverse voting bloc in the country.

This year, we use that power. This year, we refuse to let older generations decide the future of our politics and our planet, like in past elections. This year, we break from history and turn out like never before.

This year, we vote for our future and vote climate up and down the ballot. Because with just 10 years to prevent climate catastrophe, we’re here to fight like our world depends on it.

Because it does.

Join us and together, we’ll make our voices and our votes count in November.


Check your registration status Find your polling place
Pledge to Vote Help Get Out the Vote


Once you’re registered, make a plan for how, when, and where you’ll vote.


Are you voting by mail? Make sure you request and return your ballot as soon as possible to ensure timely delivery.

Voting Early

Are you in a state that allows early voting? Early voting will ensure your vote is counted in a timely manner and contribute to a trouble-free Election Day count. Find your polling location with the state-by-state locator here.

Voting In-Person on November 3

If you’re voting on Election Day, it pays to be prepared. Election Day can mean long lines and wait times, because – in many places – those in power don’t want us to vote.

With the future of our country on the line, we can’t let that stop us. Get ready by locating your polling location with the state-by-state locator here. Then, check the hours it’s open and decide what time you’ll go, how you’ll get there, and what mask you’ll bring.

Then on November 3, act on your plan and vote like your world depends on it.