October 7, 2020 | 10:30am


In the last month before this year’s pivotal election, the former vice president and former head of the Environmental Protection Agency come together to talk about what’s at stake.

Washington, D.C (October 7, 2020) – With less than a month to go until Election Day, and with voters beginning to cast ballots all around the country, the Climate Reality Action Fund and the NRDC Action Fund are coming together to present Vote for Your Future: A Conversation with Former Vice President Al Gore and NRDC Action Fund President Gina McCarthy.

The event will be streamed on the Climate Reality Action Fund Facebook page and the NRDC Action Fund Facebook page on October 8 at 7 PM ET.

The Vote For Your Future discussion will cover a range of important issues, from the youth movement to racial justice to the climate crisis. In this conversation Gore and McCarthy will discuss what is at stake in this election and how to take action and vote.

“Make no mistake about it, our future is on the ballot this November,” said Gore. “We are way past the point of denial and delay, and the American people are calling for action. This decade will determine whether we summon the will to solve the climate crisis. We have the power in our hands – and it all starts at the ballot box.”

“This is about the most important election that I think I've ever faced,” McCarthy said. “It's about our values, about who we are and what we want to be as a country. And it's literally about the future that we want to hand to our children.”


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