We Will Decide the Election

Young voters can decide who wins in 2020. That’s because Americans under 39 make up 37 percent of eligible voters in 2020, representing the largest and most diverse voting bloc.

That’s power – and we intend to use it.

For every candidate who wants our vote, we have one demand: Commit to real climate action – or we’ll choose someone who will. Because with just 10 years to halt global warming and prevent climate catastrophe, our future’s on the line.

Join the Vote Your Future: Vote Climate campaign and join the movement that will shape the 2020 election. Together, we’ll turn millions of youth voices into a powerful force for climate action.

Start today by registering to vote and signing up to receive information on how you can vote your future.

Then, in November, vote like your world depends on it.

What We Vote For

  • We vote because we’ve worked too hard to let climate change steal our future.
  • We vote because we have just 10 years to prevent climate catastrophe.
  • We vote because rising temperatures equal rising injustice planet-wide.
  • We vote because future generations can’t.
  • We vote because this is the moral challenge of our time – and we will be the ones to solve it.
  • We vote for the future. We vote for the climate.

Then, in November, vote like your world depends on it.

When and Where We Vote

Be sure you know when and where you vote. Your polling place will likely be in easy walking distance from your home and could be a community center, library, school, etc. If you’re not sure where to go, use this polling place locater.

If you have other questions about your voter registration status or voter information in your state, check out Rock the Vote’s extensive resources to make your day-of as easy as it can be.